Tina and Amy and martinis and long reads

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How are you? I hope y’all had a fun week. Did you get up to anything? I (finally) saw Sisters… and fell asleep… about three times. Yeeeppp. That is the kind of sh*t that happens when you go to the 9.30 showing and share a bottle of wine before – and during – the movie. Still, I feel Tina and Amy would be #nojudgement about it.

I was really overwhelmed by so many people emailing after the first Wine Time. My story of quitting a job I hated to spend more time with the people I love most rang true for a lot of you, which was a huge relief to hear. It was really hard to quit, and to admit that I couldn’t keep up with the demands of my job and be the kind of parent (not to mention wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunty etc) I wanted to be. I assume that you are just as bored as I am by meaningless articles about “having it all”, so I promise I will not go down that path, but it was nice to hear that I am not alone in that quest to be lots of things to lots of people. Thanks, guys. You’re all terribly nice.

I know it’s basically February but let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. Mine, this year, is to read the Elena Ferrante books. I resisted reading Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels because I have this thing about not getting on literary bandwagons (related: I am never watching that Danish thriller you love; I have too much other TV to prioritise) but now the tidal wave of fandom has hit and I feel like I really have to read them. And when I’m done with them, I’m going to read some major female authors I haven’t gotten around to yet. Jeanette Winterson and Margaret Atwood, I am coming for you. Hold on. (I should also resolve to learn how to ride a bike and get my full licence. But first, books).

And here’s what else is happening.

Can we talk about the Australian of the Year winners and nominees? I seriously had goosebumps watching the ceremony. So many amazing people, really getting out there and making change in our community. I loved this piece from Julia Baird about ‘freudenfreude’ – the joy she felt when her friend Catherine Keenan, who operates Sydney Story Factory, won Local Hero of the Year. Let’s spread some freudenfreude, shall we, and start talking about our friends’ successes a little bit more.

Jillian Bell meeting Justin Timberlake is every celebrity interview I have ever done. So sorry to any former editors who might be reading this.

How insanely busy creative people manage their time. Useful.

Deep-frying could make your vegetables healthier. I mean… fingers crossed, right?

There’s a Russian Mad Men-style show called The Thaw and I need to get on that.

The Sydney Morning Herald has been doing some really great interactive long-form pieces recently, and this one in particular is such a fascinating read. At 14, Bronson Blessington was sentenced to life in prison for the horrific murder of Janine Balding. After 28 years, has he paid the price? Confronting and provocative. Let me know where you stand, because I still don’t know.

This gold cutlery speaks to me (I think it’s saying, “Buy me now.”)

Over on SBS Life (which is a very cool new site, if you’re in the market for a very cool new site), I wrote about podcasts that will change your life.

And finally: a martini. Because why not?

See you next week!


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